The Old Photo Album

Take a stroll down memory lane and view what life was like over the last centuries. Whether you lived here all your life, a new resident or visitor, there is always something new to discover thru “The Old Photo Album”.



Gamble House history
The Gamble House on S. Main St.









The photos featured in the album were donated by individuals like yourself who want to reconnect with the history of Jersey Shore, Pa. We are always looking for more photographs to share.If you have photos hiding in the attic, or in an old shoebox, please visit our contact page, fill out the form and your photos  will added with full credit.


Corner of Oliver and Walnut St..
Mamolen Building
Sallada bros Department Store (Gazebo Park today)

3 thoughts on “The Old Photo Album”

  1. Hello. I was in the First Commonwealth Bank the other day in Jersey Shore PA and was in one of the offices of an employee (Joan). I saw a small poster printout with history of Jersey Shore on it. I guess years ago they printed a bunch of them. The bank found some leftover in an old safe. I was wondering if you guys knew where I could still find one to frame or get printed out. It is in black and white with some black and white graphic pics and typeface with description and history of Jersey Shore. It was on a brownish type colored paper.


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