Current Projects

Current Projects:

We are currently working on locating and digitizing old Jersey Shore newspapers.  We started this project a year ago and have made great progress.

In 2016 we discovered that a number of old newspapers were listed on a website of an imaging company in Hazleton, Pa..  We contacted them about getting copies, six months later we called again, no answer, six more months and never received a call back, so we gave up.

Fast forward to January 2018, we were informed that The Clinton County Genealogy Society and the Lock Haven Express will be digitizing our current collection.  When we contacted the society, they mentioned 6 flash drives at the Ross Library that contain old Jersey Shore newspapers.  We made a trip to the library and copied the flash drives, to our surprise, they are the missing papers that we have been looking for since 2016.

These newspapers date from the 1880’s to 1917, they are not indexed, but the images are quite readable.  We hope to have these available for research and genealogy purposes.