Membership and Donations

The society could not exist without donations and involved members, dedicated to keeping the society active. As a member, you will be able to contribute in the retelling of our towns heritage and be involved in helping us bring history to life by sharing the story of our town during its many boom years. You  will also assist in helping catalogue the many artifacts in the museum. Please consider joining us in telling the story of our ancestors and to relate your stories for the next generations.


Junior (under 21)      $10

Individual                   $20

Family                          $30

Business                      $110

Life   (per person)    $100

Donation of any amount is always appreciated

Life memberships are a one time contribution, all other levels are due annually. 

To become a member, or to make a donation, please contact us through the comment section, or you may send a check to:


Jersey Shore Historical Society

200 S. Main St.

Jersey Shore, Pa. 17740

Thank you for your support.

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