Join us for our last program of 2017


September 23, 2017

Lantern Tour of Stained Glass churches

This  tour includes 7 churches in Jersey Shore who have beautiful stained glass windows and rich histories.  This church tour includes the history of each church and in some cases the group will be invited inside to hear about the history of the church and the windows.


 This website is dedicated to sharing the history of our town through pictures, stories and artifacts that are on display in the museum.

The Jersey Shore Historical Society museum is located in the Samuel B. Moss house at 200 S. Main St. Jersey Shore, Pa.

Feel free to stroll down memory lane through the Old Photo Album or check your calendar for our upcoming programs, or clear your schedule and bring your work gloves to assist us in our ongoing projects.

History is made everyday and it is up to us to preserve it for the next generation.